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How Weemba works

How Weemba works
Borrower Validate your Identity One Time

You will need to do that with information you provide and answers to questions created by Equifax. We ask for all of this to protect your identity and to make sure that Lenders know real people are creating the projects that they see. Once this is done, it is done - you will not have to do it again, regardless of how many projects you publish in Weemba.

Borrower Publish Projects As Much As Wanted

Create your project with the information that Lenders will want to see to know that you are the Borrower they want. To do that, Weemba allows you to upload images, videos and files, provides free access to a third-party credit score and allows you to define the details of your loan project. You can edit and update your project any time you like. This project is not a loan application, but it will put your desired terms in front of a variety of Lenders at one time. There is no limit to how many projects you can create while you are a Borrower in Weemba.

Lenders Search For Projects Fitting Their Needs

Weemba offers everyone a powerful search engine that allows you to search for projects by keywords or by creating and combining filters for very specific results. This allows Lenders to find projects that suit the needs of their institution at any given time. Filters may include credit score, state, reason for borrowing, annual sales, net worth, veteran status and much more.

Lenders Request Access to Borrower's Private Info

When projects are created, the real name and contact info of the Borrower is hidden by a Borrower ID. Files that contain any private information are also locked from public view. When a Lender, after seeing the publicly visible information, wants access to that private information, he will send the Borrower an authorization request.

Borrower Authorize Access to that Private Information

Borrowers are in complete control over who gets their private info! Weemba doesn't decide that, Lenders don't decide that. Borrowers can grant or deny authorization requests, and there is no penalty to the Borrower for denying them. Although Borrowers are protected by a Borrower ID, they will know the true identity of the Lender when they see the request.

Lenders Engage Borrower If Desired

From this point, interaction between the Borrower and Lender takes place outside Weemba. Once the Borrower has granted an authorization request, the Lender may contact the Borrower - or not. Weemba has nothing to do with that process.

Borrower & Lender Negotiate Loan Terms

Outside of Weemba, the Borrower may complete any application and underwriting desired by the Lender, if they have decided to proceed. They may negotiate and discuss terms of a loan that are mutually beneficial. Weemba does not know if financing was arranged, or under what terms.

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