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Your client asked you how to find a Lender

At Weemba, your clients can:

  • » Create and publish a loan project for FREE, for almost any need: a mortgage, line of credit, business expansion, debt consolidation - protected by a nickname.

  • » Be seen by multiple Lenders at once, including direct mortgage Lenders, credit unions, factors and more, not just banks. Lenders only approach Borrowers who match their goals, so Borrowers don't hear "no."

  • » Get a no-cost credit score to attach to a project. They save time and money because Lenders come to them if they suit the Lender's needs.

  • » Be in complete control of their private information and who sees it. Borrowers only accept contact from the Lenders they choose.

Send your clients to Weemba to help them get their best loans, faster and easier. They will thank you for it.

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